Start wrong 

All of my good ideas start with the unexpected, so I don't really have a formula for success. I just start with what seems like the wrong approach and work my way back. 

After I fill up my head with information, sometimes a walk around the block or playing ukulele on the front porch will get my mind working. Or maybe I should make a list of all of the reasons this is destined to fail. 

Whatever it is, it seems to be working out alright.

Something new

In summer 2016, I launched my own line of hand-built guitar effects and amplifiers. I design and assemble everything – from the circuit board out, If that's your thing – or you're interested in seeing my creative work that's a bit broader, check out the link in the top navigation.

Let's work

I do freelance concepting and writing in my free time, and I'm always interested in hearing about new career opportunities, freelance or full-time. 


jacob [at]