Jacob Edenfield: Drowned in Drool from Donut Dream

Jordan says it's the best epitaph ever. I am glad it is not my epitaph. Here's the story. 

I am off work today, so I took a short, inadvertent nap with the cat I am fostering. I was petting him on my bed. Lights out.

I had a dream, which is not entirely uncommon when I nap. This one was one of my vivid ones, though. 

I was working as an actor on a "scripted" series about a haunted house. Only it was in an actual haunted house. Real crew, real actors, real ghosts and ghouls. And I suppose all of the excitement helped me work up an appetite because I was straight mashing craft services donuts in my face after every take. Talking three, four donuts at a time. And they were the really good, cake donuts, too. Chocolate glazed ones, blueberry sour cream ones. So good. My favorites.

I was actually eating my third blueberry sour cream cake donut when I woke up. My eyes opened, and then my mouth opened, leaking what felt like a cup and a half of drool onto my pillow. My whole mouth full of drool, my whole face covered in drool, because of a dream about donuts. 

The end.